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Carpet Cleaners Stellenbosch

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Carpet Cleaners Stellenbosch

The Chem-Dry brand name has been around for many years, operating both internationally and locally. The professional carpet cleaning services offered by Chem-Dry are currently the most widely used throughout the globe.

The company entered the Southern African market in 1993 when it became clear that there was a need for a modern, technologically advanced cleaning system in the country. Currently there are over 40 franchises in South Africa with the number growing on a monthly basis.

Research and development in carpet cleaning techniques is unceasing as the company continually re-invents the cleaning wheel to keep your carpets and upholstery cleaner and homes and businesses healthier.

Independent research has shown that your carpets and upholstery should be professionally cleaned approximately every 6 months. Of course individual and business needs will vary depending in the amount of traffic that goes through your home or business and the wear and tear that your carpets are receiving.

Whatever your carpet cleaning needs may be however, it is a proven fact that regular expert cleaning is beneficial to your upholstery, curtains, rugs and carpets as the more regularly you clean the longer lasting the results will be each time and the more you can extend the life expectancy of these items. Regular cleaning also assists in the maintenance of a healthy home environment as dust mites, bacteria and dirt are eliminated. Keep your home and business clean and healthy with Chem-Dry’s professional carpet and upholstery cleaning and maintenance system.

Care for the environment and clean your carpets the eco-friendly way with Chem-Dry’s natural, non-toxic and green certified cleaning solutions. We have a wide range of cleaning products that cover everything from spot and stain removal to leather care and upholstery restoration.

Chem-Dry’s cleaning secret was founded in Mother Nature herself and is completely safe to use. Reduce your carbon footprint and clean your carpets the natural way with Chem-Dry’s expert cleaning services.